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Bendon Church & Museum looking for volunteers

July 19, 2018

The Brule County Historical Society exists to preserve the history of Brule County and of the people, places, and events that make up the history.  The preservation of that history is not just for its members but for all, both present and future individuals as reminders of the successes, failures, and mundane of the county.

To accomplish this the society has maintained a repository for the history found in the Bendon (Holy Trinity) Church located in Kimball.  The church is on the National Historical Register.  It has a basement museum containing many artifacts related to the county's history.  The church itself represents the several old churches found in the county.  Most of these are abandon, torn down or not in use today.  Although they were of different faiths, they all showed the faith of the pioneers and past residents of the county in God.  Its location right next to I-90 interstate would make it an attraction for those travelers and more accessible for county residents.  That indicates an under utilization of the museum.  Three volunteers allow their phone numbers to be posted on a sign at the church and find the visitors show a real interest in what they see and hear.  Since there is no regular open times; it limits the time the museum and church are available for viewing.  One of the hopes and dreams of the society's board of directors and officers is to have the church and museum open on a more regular basis.  Donations often are given by the visitors that tour.

These donations not only help meet the goal of the society's help to finance everyday upkeep and repairs, but the larger repairs cannot be financed with these donations.  One of the major projects is the replacement of the windows which must adher to the historical nature of the church and are costly.  

More visitors donations would help.  In regard to the idea, the board would like to have the church/museum open on more of a regular basis.  It is hoped to develop a list of volunteers to give tours during an open to visitors schedule.  Therefore, they are looking for volunteers to help accomplish this goal.  It is a great way to meet people from other areas, learn more about our local history, and show appreciation to those people who have lived in the county.  Come join us in celebrating the county's history.

To offer your time contact:  Wayne Woodraska/President; Mark Nesladek/Vice President; Doris Ann Chmela/Secretary; Marlene McGregor/Treasurer; Board Members:   Gary Biskeborn, Betty Carmen, or Judy Busack. 

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Dakota Senior Meals

November 01, 2017

$4.00 for anyone over 60 and $6.00 for anyone under 60!!!  Call before 9 a.m. to let Keileen know you will be joining for lunch or taking it to go!

Kimball Center and Food Pantry

January 01, 2018

Food Pantry open Thursday evenings from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome!

Have a worn or tattered US flag?

October 28, 2016

The local American Legion is gathering worn out and tattered flags to be destroyed in a ceremony befitting our national emblem.  Give those old flags to a Legion Member.  Watch for future dates and times to be set for a public burning of those flags.


November 01, 2016


Prairie View Assisted Living - Large Rooms Available

February 14, 2016

313 South Water Street, Kimball.  24-hour awake staffing, medication administration, all private rooms in home-like atmosphere with friendly staff, and medicaid residents accepted.  Call and ask about our VERY REASONABLE RATES!  In Business Since 1997.  605-778-6711

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