Kimball Area Foundation


Workin' Hard For Our Tomorrow!!

The Kimball Area Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, governed by a local board of directors. 

Charitable gifts are deductible to the maximum extent allowable for federal income tax purposes. 

The Foundation is a subsidiary of the South Dakota Community Foundation.


What does the Foundation do?

The Kimball Area Foundation seeks to provide the Kimball Community with financial resources to ensure Kimball's tomorrow. 

The Foundation focuses on community development projects and Kimball School development opportunities.

The Foundation helps support basic needs and enhances the quality of life within our community, through grant awards to local organizations for years to come.

Working with local leadership, the Foundation is committed to securing funds that will positively impact Kimball's future. 


You want to give back to Kimball!!

Click here:  www.sdcommunityfoundation/org/kimball for a secure online credit card

or Mail Check to

Kimball's Economic Development

PO Box 16

Kimball, SD 57355

or if you are interested in other giving opportunities please contact Anita at 730-3237 or any of the Kimball Economic Development Board Members. 

Kimball's Economic Development Board includes:

 Joe Lenz, Tim Heath, Dee Resick, Kathy Bogenhagen, Harold Bickner, Matt Dykstra, Kelly Thomas, and Jahn Schumacher.  

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