Homes or Lots FOR SALE

Housing is a  major crisis in  most rural communities in SD!  Please call Anita at 730-3237 if you are looking for housing in Kimball.  There may be a house that has came up for sale just have not gotten it on website yet.   Thank you!  

Dale Stanek House For Sale.png


Koranda House 2.png

House For Sale

Contact Bob Koranda for more information.


Clifford House.png

House for Sale by Owner

Call Clifford Houser at 680-9090

For Sale 

67x32 Pole Shed on 100'x83' Lot

Lots included

Legal:  North1/2 of Lots 1 & 2, Block 4 Original Town of Kimball

Sky at 778-6139

Trailer Court Lot Available

Contact Doc at 605-680-3650