City Office
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – Noon; 1:00pm -5:00pm
T: 605.778.6277
A: PO Box 16 Kimball, SD 57355


Brule County Commissioners
Brad Carson…………...…(W)734-6001 (H)234-5026
Rich Rasmussen…………(W)234-5946 (H)234-6266
Greg Mairsose …………...778-6639
Gary Dozark………..…….726-3158
James Nesladek……..…..894-4233


Brule County Contact Information
County Hwy Department 778-6259
Assessor-Director 234-4432
Auditor 234-4430
Extension Agent 234-4431
Food Pantry/ROCS 234-6474
Register of Deeds 234-4434
Sheriff Office 234-4443
Treasurer 234-4436
Veterans Service 234-4433

Clerk of Courts 734-4580
States Attorney 234-0438
Probation Office 734-4585
State Nutritionist 734-4551
County Nurse 734-0180
Social Services 734-4500

City of Kimball Committees

Personnel - Matt Dykstra, Joel Reiter, Shelly Janish

Streets - Harold Bickner, Bill Gough, Bruce Robison

Water & Sewer - Bill Gough, Harold Bickner

Library Board - Shelly Janish

Finance - Rotating

Airport & Rubble - Bruce Robison, Joel Reiter

Parks & Rec - Matt Dykstra, Shelly Janish, Joel Reiter

Building Permits - Harold Bickner, Bruce Robison, Bill Gough

Mid Dakota Hospital Board - Bruce Robison

Newspaper - Central Dakota Times

Bank - First Dakota National Bank

Chief of Police - Chris Reitsma

Finance Officer - Barb Gakin

Deputy Finance Officer/ Librarian  - Nancy Munger

Attorney - Theresa Maule Rossow

Economic Development Board - Harold Bickner, Matt Dykstra 

Economic Development Director - Anita Holan

Kimball City Audit

City Council & Departments

Kimball Mayor - Wayne Tupper

City Council:

Harold Bickner - President

Joel Reiter - Vice President

Matt Dykstra

Shelly Janish

Bill Gough

Bruce Robison 

Maintenance Department

Paul Dorwart

Dave Wingert

John Weisflock 

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